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Andes Mint

"Mint Condition"

Mint Chocolate flavored Caramel Corn drizzled with Dark Chocolate and topped off with Refreshing Andes Mint Pieces.


"Monkey Business"

Sugar Corn mixed with Sweet Banana Flavor.

Beer Cheese Soup

"Souped Up"

Real Orange Cheddar Cheese mixed with a Beer Seasoning and just a hint of Red Pepper.

Birthday Cake

"Icing On The Cake"

Vanilla Sugar Corn covered in White Chocolate with Sprinkles.


"Play Ball"

Caramel Corn drenched in Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter.

Buffalo Ranch

"Wing It"

Real Cheddar Cheese with a great combination of Spicy Buffalo Seasoning mixed with Yummy Ranch.

Butterfinger Maple

"Lip Smackin"

Peanut Butter and Maple Coated Corn, drenched in Peanut Butter and topped with Butterfinger Candy Bar Chunks.

Cajun BBQ

"No Bones About It"

Real Cheddar Cheese combined with a Spicy Cajun BBQ Seasoning.

Cake & Ice Cream

"Just Desserts"

Vanilla Sugar Corn covered in White Chocolate with Sprinkles & Sugar Corn combined with Amazing Vanilla Flavor.

Caramel Nut

"Double Whammy"

Caramel Corn mixed with Crunchy Peanuts, Almonds and Cashews.

Caramel, Dark Chocolate, & Sea Salt

"Take With A Grain Of Salt"

Caramel Corn drizzled with Amazing Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt.

Carolina Reaper

"DO Fear The Reaper"

Ground Carolina Reaper Pepper, "The hottest pepper known to man", descends upon a Butter Popcorn Base.

Catnip/Coconut Curry

"The Cat's Meow"

Real White Cheddar Cheese mixed with a Sweet Curry Seasoning and a Touch of Coconut.

Cheddar & Lime

"Hits The Spot"

Real Cheddar Cheese joined with a Cheese Seasoning and Lively Lime Flavor.

Cheddar Cheese

"Say Cheese"

Real Cheddar Cheese melted and mixed into our Perfect Popcorn.

Chocolate Covered Banana

"Very Appealing"

Banana Sugar Corn drizzled with Decadent Milk Chocolate.

Chocolate M&Ms

"Candy Coat It"

Sweet Caramel Corn drizzled in Milk Chocolate and mixed with Tasty M&M's Candies.

Cinnamon Roll w/ Cream Cheese Icing

"Roll Call"

Sweet Caramel Corn infused with Cinnamon, drizzled with White Chocolate and a Touch More Cinnamon

Cinnamon Toast

"Rolling In The Dough"

Kettle Korn made even more amazing with Butter, Sprinkled Salt and Lots of Cinnamon.

Cookies & Cream

"Slam Dunk"

Vanilla Sugar Corn topped in White Chocolate and Oreos.

Cotton Candy

"Sweeten The Pot"

Sugar Corn mixed with Delectable Cotton Candy Flavor.

Dark Chocolate & Coconut

"Tried & True"

Coconut Caramel Corn mixed with Delectable Dark Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate & Coffee

"Wake Up & Smell The Coffee"

Coffee Caramel Corn blended with Dominican Coffee Beans and Awesome Dark Chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Cinna Yum

"Yummy in the Tummy"

Sweet Caramel Corn coated with Dark Chocolate and covered in a Yummy Blend of Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar.

Deluxe Pizza

"The Big Cheese"

Real Cheddar Cheese teamed with Zesty Pizza Seasoning.

Dill Pickle

"In A Pickle"

Real White Cheddar Cheese blended with a Flavorful Dill Pickle Seasoning.

Double Twix

"Mix Master"

Caramel Corn drizzled with Milk Chocolate and combined with Delicious Twix Candy Pieces.

French Toast

"Sticky Situation"

Kettle Corn combined with Amazing Vanilla Flavor and Cinnamon Sugar.

Fruit Salad

"Ripe For The Picking"

An Amazing Mix of Our Candied and Fruit Flavors.

Ghost Pepper

"Ball of Fire"

Real Orange & White Cheddar Cheese tumbled with a scary good Duo of Ghost Pepper & Red Pepper.

Jalapeno Nacho Xtreme

"In The Hot Seat"

Real Cheddar Cheese mingled with a Tasty Jalapeno Nacho Seasoning.

Jalapeno Xtreme

"Double Dog Dare You"

Real White Cheddar Cheese heated waaay up with Ground Jalapeno Seasoning.

Kettle Pop & Dark Chocolate

"The Better Half"

Our Kettle Korn drizzled with Delectable Dark Chocolate.

Kettle Pop

"As Good As Gold"

Light Sugar and Salt team up for a classic salty sweet experience.

Key Lime Pie

"Sour Power"

Lively Key Lime Sugar Corn splashed with White Chocolate and topped with Crumbled Graham Crackers.

Kit Kat Crunch

"Chocolate Break"

Caramel Corn drizzled in Milk Chocolate and coupled with Crunchy Kit Kat candy pieces.

Loaded Baked Potato

"Half Baked"

Real Cheddar Cheese mixed with a Trio of Seasonings: Bacon, Sour Cream and Onion.

Lucky Charms

"Who Took It?"

Marshmallow Caramel Corn coated in Sweet Powdered Sugar.

Mama's Apple Pie

"Apple Of My Eye"

Caramel Apple Corn covered with White Chocolate (mixed with Cinnamon and Nutmeg), along with Dehydrated Apples.

Mint Chocolate Chip

"Mint Condition"

Mint Chocolate Sugar Corn drizzled with Milk Chocolate and dotted with Mini Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Movie Butter

"Butter Me Up"

Delicious Butter Flavor mingled with the Perfect Amount of Salt.

Orange Cheddar & Caramel

"Simply Perfect"

Cheddar Cheese and Caramel blended together for the perfect salty and sweet taste!

Parmesan Garlic

"Kiss & Tell"

Real White Cheddar Cheese blended with a Delicious Parmesan Garlic Seasoning.

Pop Smart

"Olive You!"

Fluffy Popcorn popped in Olive Oil (as opposed to soybean vegetable oil) and sprinkled with Sea Salt.

Puppy Chow

"Dog Eat Dog"

Caramel Corn covered in Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chex, and Powdered Sugar.


"Pucker Up"

Sugar Corn mixed with Delicious Raspberry Flavor.

Reeses Peanut Butter

"Cutter Cutter Peanut Butter"

Peanut Butter Corn bathed in Rich Peanut Butter and topped with Reeses Cup Morsels.

Rice Crispy Treat

"Stick With It"

Marshmallow Sugar Corn mixed with White Chocolate and Rice Crispies.

Rootbeer Float

"Whatever Floats Your Boat"

Sugar Corn combined with Amazing Vanilla Flavor & Sugar Corn blended with Luscious Rootbeer Flavor.

Salt & Vinegar

"Cash In Your Chips"

Real White Cheddar Cheese combined with the Perfect Blend of Salt and Vinegar.

Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

"Crack The Code"

Real White Cheddar Cheese mixed with a Kicky Combo of Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt.


"Happy Camper"

Marshmallow Caramel Corn combined with Milk Chocolate and Crispy Graham Crackers.

Sour Cream, Cheddar & Onion

"Triple Threat"

Real Orange Cheddar Cheese combined with Tangy Sour Cream and Tasty Onion Seasoning.

South of the Border

"Are Your Ears Burning?"

Real Orange & White Cheddar merged with Spicy Jalapeno Seasoning, Smooth Beer Flavoring and Kicky Red Pepper.

Sweet Caramel

"Sugar Coat It"

Light Brown Sugar, Sugar and Butter united in Tantalizing Caramel Corn Perfection.

The Red, White & Blue

"You're The (Wo)Man!"

Sugar Corn mixed with Delicious Raspberry Flavor, Sugar Corn combined with Amazing Vanilla Flavor & Sugar Corn combined with Delicious Blueberry Flavor.


"Sticky Fingers"

Caramel Toffee Corn, covered in Sweet Milk Chocolate and topped with Heath Candy Bar Pieces.

Wasabi & Red Pepper

"Go Wild"

Real White Cheddar Cheese topped with Wild Wasabi and Red Pepper Seasonings.

White Cheddar & Caramel

"Flip Flop"

White Cheddar Cheese and Sweet Caramel blended together.

White Cheddar

"Are You A Man or A Mouse?"

Mouth-Watering White Cheddar Cheese.

White Chocolate Raspberry

"High Maintenance"

Raspberry Sugar Corn mingled with Heavenly White Chocolate.